Vision of the Visionary 


VISION- Proverbs 29:18; Habakkuk 2:3, and Acts 26:18-19

The great theme of the Scriptures is REDEMPTION THROUGH THE BLOOD (OF JESUS, THE CHRIST).  It began in the mind of God (in eternity), extends from Genesis 3:15, 21 through I Peter 1:18-25, from Revelation 13:8 to Revelation 22:17-21, and re-enters the timelessness that is eternity.  This redemptive plan of God reveals His love and demonstrates His blood shed sacrificially for all sin.  It is His main purpose that all mankind be redeemed from sin (John 3:16-18, 36; John 5:24; II Peter 3:9).

It is the sovereign God alone Who gives “the vision” to His chosen, ordained, and anointed vessels.  What is the purpose of the vision?  The recipient is to carry out an aspect of His complete plan for the redemption of the world.  Our God-given vision is to mirror the life of Jesus Christ at all times, which enhances our witness to the lost (I John 4:17).

Fulfilling the vision begins with the believer establishing a personal relationship with the Lord: “You must be born again” (John 3:7).  Then, the process of renewing the mind (Romans 12:2) continues as the believer learns the Word of God in New Members Class, New Converts Class, Sunday School, and Systematic Bible Study; these equip the saints for more effective witnessing (Ephesians 4:11-12; II Timothy 2:15).  Attaining the vision continues with service to others through inside and outside ministries.  Our “outside” ministry primarily consists of, but is not limited to, seven outreaches that meet the spiritual and material needs of these very special “outside” people (I Corinthians 6:11-“And such were some of you”): the children of incarcerated parents (Angel Tree), recovering substance abusers (Detox centers), inner city children of limited means (Fresh Air Fund), the elderly and those in residential care (Nursing Homes), the incarcerated (Prison Ministry), and those who rarely enter the open doors of a church (Street Services). Our vision is further accomplished through:

  1. Worship
  2. Evangelism
  3. Discipleship


The vision that the Lord has given us is consistent with His Word, and is birthed out of His commandments in Matthew 28:19-20; Luke 14:23, and Acts 1:8.

To put the vision in a nutshell:

The vision of one person is, at best, a single dot in the universe.  God alone has the total picture -His vision- with all of the details (Psalms 139; Isaiah 57:15), and I believe that the vision the Lord has given me is His heart.  I cannot always explain His vision, but I invite you to stand alongside me, and I am confident that He will reveal it to you as well.  Being of one mind in pursuit of the vision is essential: there is no limit of what God can do in the midst of a united people as we carry out His plan for the redemption of the world.

Because of God’s Grace,

Elder Rubin S. Thompson, Senior Pastor

Bishop Charles H. Harris, Sr., Overseer