Our Ministries at Morning Star

Bible Study

Our Bible study is a systematic Bible study, taught verse by verse.  Our aim is not to cover ground; but to ensure that hearts are cultivated as the Word becomes a part of the hearer. In our class, you will receive the necessary tools to grow as a Christian, and to live more perfectly in your daily walk with the Lord.

You will get training in Biblical facts, truth, and hermeneutical principles including prayer, spiritual growth, how to understand and properly interpret the Bible, and how to make the Word of God a part of you. In addition, you will be taught lessons in today’s evangelism as we explore the Biblical principles of reaching out to others. You will discover creative and practical ways of doing so in these exciting spiritual training sessions. These precepts are designed to lead the student to an in-depth personal knowledge of God’s Word and to provide the tools and confidence to develop spiritual insight independent of the teacher. In other words: you don’t just get fish (the answers), but you get a POLE (Principles) and are taught how to fish (Exegetical).

Please bring a Bible of your choice, a notebook, pen and Bible highlighter every Wednesday at 7pm

Elder Mark A. Davis I – Teacher

New Members Class

The New Members Class is tailored to assimilate new members into our ministry by teaching foundational principles such as:  Introduction to the Church; What We Believe; How to Properly Relate to our Pastor; and Love, Forgive and Receive.

New Converts Class

The New Converts Class equips new believers with a Bible-based foundation for daily Christian living.  Topics covered include:  How to Study the Bible; Five Ways the Word Becomes a Part of You; Five Ways to Grow Spiritually; the Four Parts of Prayer, the Five Types of Prayer and the Seven Directions of Prayer.

Ecclesiastical Staff

The purpose of the Ecclesiastical Staff is to provide support to the vision of the Ministry bestowed upon our Bishop, and to aid in providing spiritual enrichment, guidance, and instruction to the Morning Star Full Gospel Assembly congregation and all of our outreach ministries.

Missionary Department

The Missionary Department consists of laborers among the harvest; the laborers are bringing the Gospel of Christ into the nursing homes, group homes, prisons, drug rehabs centers, and hospitals while assisting with those in need of personal care in individual homes. The method of accomplishing our missions is that each one reach one by touching lives through love and compassion making our faith in Christ visible. Our current outreaches includes: Missionary Tract Attack, Street Outreach, Sick & Shut-in, Prison Fellowship (Project Angel Tree and Philemon), Prison Ministry (Rikers Island), Manhattanville and Morningside Nursing Homes, Promesia, Tremont 321 Halfway House, and Bronx Lebanon Detox (drug rehabilitation).

For it is written in Matthew 5:16: “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”. 

Christian Education Department

The mission of the Christian Education Department is to introduce people to the Word of God and to build a firm foundation of biblical knowledge in the believer.  These goals are accomplished by providing instruction for students of all ages in Sunday School, for youngsters in Children’s Church, and in less structured settings like Christian Drama Guild productions.  Since the standard of this local assembly is excellence, our students receive quality instruction from Spirit-filled teachers who have been trained in various methods and techniques; they can meet the needs of diverse learners.  Because we minister to the whole person, the Christian Education Department also celebrates the secular academic efforts of its students with incentives, awards, and scholarships and addresses their needs through remedial and tutorial programs.

Sunday School Department

The Sunday School Department of Morning Star Full Gospel Assembly consists of 18 classes, and we have over 300 registered students. The ages of our students range from two years to 94 years, and they are instructed by teachers who have attended and completed a 43 week training course. Our department has been blessed with teachers with professional backgrounds in special education; this enables us to accommodate those students with particular needs.

Children’s Church

Children’s Church is in session every Sunday at 11:30 a.m (except for summer months).  Children’s Church is a place where children aged two to twelve can come and hear the Word of God on a level they can understand, remember, and act upon.  In addition, it is also the place where our children can develop and utilize their “God-given gifts” in our various sub-ministries, i.e., Children of Holiness (sign and creative praise ministry), Agalliao Children’s Choral, etc.  During our Children’s Church Services, our children enjoy corporate prayer, praise, worship, and hearing the Word of God from one of our youths.

Christian Drama Guild

The purpose of the Christian Drama Guild is to extend the ministry, and proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Holy Scriptures through the performing arts: to witness, enlighten and encourage through dramatic plays, comedies, music, dance, poetry, prose, and mime.  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…” and these particular gifts and talents, like all others of divine origin, can and should be used for the glory and honor of God.  The expression of our Christian beliefs and ideals through the theatre arts gives us yet another avenue by which to reach those who desire and need to know the Lord in His fullness.  “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” I Peter 4:10.

Mothers’ Board

The Mothers’ Board is comprised of women of the church who love God and who are at least sixty years old. These mothers are committed to supporting the vision of the Visionary:

a)     By consistently offering early morning prayers for the ministry and for lost souls

b)     By attending the church’s various corporate prayer sessions,  and workshops on prayer

c)     By advising the younger women and by being examples of dignity, humility, and holiness

Men’s Fellowship

Psalms 8 says “What is man that God should be mindful of him?”  God manifested Himself in flesh to visit man and to call him to return to right fellowship with Him. Here at M.S.F.G.A., we emphasize the importance of the call to “rule”, that is to be holy, responsible, to protect, and to lead by example. It is our mission as men, to be like-minded (Phil. 2:5) in unity, and to be one in the bond of His love.  All men are cordially invited to our men’s Fellowship on selected 4th Sunday afternoons at 4p.m., our Annual Men’s Retreat in July, and all other published events throughout the year.

Women’s Fellowship

The purpose of Women’s Fellowship is to spiritually uplift, encourage, and empower the women of M.S.F.G.A.  Not only do we touch on the spiritual, but the natural as well.  Through the Holy Spirit, we give the tools needed to live a rich, meaningful life here on earth.  With the influence of the Holy Spirit, Women’s Fellowship creates workshops, seminars, and discussion sessions that can minister to every woman (married, single, teens and youths too!).  As we unite in God’s love, it is our duty to spread that love by pouring out positive, sincere agape love to one another, and to the body at large.

Couples’ Ministry

The Couples’ Ministry is designed for the married couples within our local assembly.  It is our desire to contend for the vision given to our leaders by enhancing the sanctity of marriage as described in Ephesians 5:24-25:

“Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be subject to their own husbands in everything.  Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.”

We endeavor to encourage married couples through the Word of God, fellowship, and by being living examples.

Singles’ Ministry

The Singles’ ministry is where the power of God shall increase through the lives of Single believers so they can live overcoming conquering lives.  We have inside and outside fellowships to promote good social, healthy, and spiritual character.  Thereby, contributing to the advancement of the Kingdom.

I.M.P.A.C.T. Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Our mission is to serve and encourage this generation by promoting spiritual growth through personal devotion with our Lord Jesus Christ. Since it’s inception, this ministry has focused on serving in the spirit of excellence with integrity and compassion. Although many have been blessed, there is still more we must do to Inspire, Motivate, Proclaim, Activate, Communicate and Transform.

INSPIRE through Worship and wholesome, interactive settings that will help discover strengths, conquer weaknesses and understand our value as believers in Christ.

MOTIVATE by inspirational and instructive settings through our services and Wednesday evening sessions.

PROCLAIM the Word of God in a way that will cause us to become stronger in our Faith.

ACTIVATE the Promises of God through the Word, which will help develop our God-given gifts.

COMMUNICATE with each other (crossing over ages, race, profession, etc.)

TRANSFORM our way of thinking and provide the necessary tools that will offer encouragement, reject negative thinking/experiences from the past and look forward to the present.


Youth Mentoring Ministry

MSFGA Youth Mentoring Ministry offers the opportunity for a one-to-one mentoring relationship, with an adult volunteer to any youth ages 7-18 in our local congregation. Its purpose is to provide the youth with “Friendship”, “Support“, and “Positive Role-Modeling” from a caring Adult Mentor.

Greeters’ Ministry

The Greeters’ Ministry of Morning Star Full Gospel Assembly is dedicated to bringing people to Christ by displaying acts of love and kindness to all persons entering our doors.  The Greeters avail themselves to visitors and members alike by making them feel important, welcome, and wanted through godly hospitality, organized friendliness, and personal expressions of warmth.

Usher Board

The Usher Board here at Morning Star is Unified in the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As Servants we are dedicated to minister to you with love and hospitality.  We are here Helping maintain reverence and order in God’s house.  It is our desire to preserve an atmosphere where Everyone who enters will feel the love of God through the working of the Holy Spirit.  Our goal is that you Receive all that God has for you.

“Nor is there Salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”  (Acts 4:12 NKJV)

U – Unified S – Servants H – Helping E – Everyone R – Receive S – Salvation

Sign Language Ministry 

Our Sign Language Ministry exists for one purpose: To effectively communicate the spoken and sung Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Hearing Impaired Community. This statement merely fulfills the great commission of Jesus, which is to preach the gospel to all people. It is the aim of this ministry to enable those persons who are hearing impaired to actively take part in worshiping our great God with us.

Music Ministry

The Anointed Voices of Morning Star have been ministering to our congregation for 23 years.  Through their music, the Lord has been able to touch the lives of many.  EACH SONG IS SCRIPTURALLY BASED and has a melody all its own.  Its sweet resounding words, accompanied by the skillfully played music of our anointed band, set the atmosphere for worship.  The music ministry is a vital part of our local assembly because it touches and changes lives.  Each member of our band understands that it is not the instrument he plays that inspires the hearer, but it is the anointed vessel who plays the instrument; as did David when he played for Saul and drove away evil spirits.

Our Judah Praise and Worship Team leads us into our Sunday morning worship services  The Celestial (Seniors) Choir, Agalliao Chorale (Children’s) Choir, also minister in song at scheduled times at many of our services. Our continued desire is to win souls for the Kingdom through anointed songs of Worship and Praise.

Audio/Video/Tape Ministry

The purpose of the Audio/Video/Tape Ministry is to help spread the word of God through various media. This ministry supports the vision of the visionary and the congregation & ministries at Morning Star with a range of quality services. From our special events to our weekly worship services, this ministry is responsible for all sound engineering, audio/video recordings/editing, camera operations, CD/DVD/VHS and Cassette tapes duplication & sales and video/computer projection.

Altars Workers

Bishop’s & Pastor’s Aides

Baptismal Ministry

Church Sextons

Children of Holiness

Cleaning Committee

Deacons Board

Devotional Leaders

Full Gospel Report Newsletter

Ministers’ Aides

Nutritional Committee

Project SOAR (Student Outstanding Achievement Reward)

Security Staff

Trustee Board

Trip Committee

Website / Facebook Committee